Image Title Description Available Quantity
BRA_LIBERO Tx Simple bracket for LIBERO Tx ABS plastic, black, with 2 adhesive tapes

BRA_LIBERO Te1-x LIBERO bracket stainless version for connection of external probes with terminals for - Pt100 (3-wire) for LIBERO Te1-Px or - NTC (2-wire) for LIBERO Te1-Nx

BRA_ECOLOG Simple fixation bracket for ECOLOG with 2 screws

BRA_ECOLOG steel bracket Stainlesss steel bracket for ECOLOG for DB 15 socket fixation, stainless steel, max. 2-3 cables, DB15 socket not included

BRA_ECOLOG TPx_DB15 Stainless steel bracket for ECOLOG TPx with screw terminals and cover plate 2x digital input, connections for 2x probes, alarm and RS232 with DB15 connector

BRA_ECOLOG THx Stainless steel bracket for ECOLOG THx with cover plate and 2x DB15 connectors for external sensors and screw terminals for alarm and digitalinput, additional DB15 / RS232 connector

BRA_ECOLOG TNx Stainless steel bracket for ECOLOG TNx with screw terminals and cover plate 2x digital input, 4x sensors, alarm

HOU_ECOLOG_no screw terminals Housing IP66 for ECOLOG (w/o screw-term) shock-resistant plastic (LxHxD 22x18x11cm) connection via DB15 or LEMO for 1-4 sensors, 3x cable glands (optional up to 5 cable glands) PG7

in 5-9 days available

BRA_ECOLOG_lockable Fixation bracket for ECOLOG lockable by a padlock (not included)

ALA_LIBERO Tx longlife LIBERO Alarm Bracket for LIBERO Te1-N, Ti1-L, Te1-P, THi1 - Audiovisual alarming - Terminals for external alarming system - M8 connector for external temperature probe - Works with 3 batteries AAA (included)