LIBERO W for Pharmacies

As a pharmacist, by law you need to monitor the temperature wherever you store pharmaceuticals.

Replace cumbersome min/max thermometers that require daily inspections with a much simpler solution to reduce your workload.

Use our self-powered, cost-efficient and carefree LIBERO W for monitoring.

Image Title Description Available Quantity
LIBERO W SET INT LIBERO W Set unconfigured, containing base station and sensor with an internal probe

LIBERO W Freezer Application Please order LIBERO W SET INT and LIBERO W Freezer Application when using LIBERO W sensor for temperature range from -35 °C to -10 °C! Please source locally two pieces lithium-metal batteries (AAA) into sensor. Lithium-metal batteries are not included.

PRO_LIBERO WSI New replacement sensor for LIBERO W. When used below -10 °C insert lithium-metal batteries into sensor (2 x AAA). Production Calibration Certificate includes 3 calibration points electrical calibration (-35 °C, 0 °C, +50 °C) and 3 calibration points in thermal bath (0 °C, +15 °C, +25 °C) can be easily downloaded here:

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