LIBERO Cloud Database Solution

Easy regulatory compliance and clever data management with liberoMANAGER.

Turn simple data into business intelligence. Reduce costs and increase quality with workflows tailored to specific departments within your company, resulting in efficient processes and clean data, analyzed in dashboards.

Image Title Description
SWA_liberoMANAGER License ARCHIVE Annual fee for a secure and compliant storage of all temperature reports in the cloud. Immediate notification in case of temperature excursion, includes one view user and 500 reports / year.
SWA_liberoMANAGER License TRACE Your personal assistant to track shipments and remind missing dataloggers. Maintain your data in a fully compliant cloud database and track the shipping process quality. Includes one edit user, one view user and 1'000 records / year.
SWA_liberoMANAGER License ASSESS One cloud database to control the release process of all shipments. Every excursion is handled efficiently and the release decision is immediately communicated to the destination. Includes one assess/approve user, one view user and 2'000 records / year.
SWA_liberoMANAGER License UNLIMITED Maximize the result with minimal impact on your organization. UNLIMITED is the highly customized solution tailored to your individual process. Annual maintenance fee, includes standard workflows, unlimited records and 10 GB data volume

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