Radio measurement module for one external combination probe for temperature and relative humidity; 868 MHz (Europe). Communication from this module with the ECOLOG-PRO RBR is via radio signal. Probe and certificate not included.


Bild Bezeichnung Beschreibung
PRO_TRH_nSens-HT-CSP Digital nSens-HT humidity / temperature probe with capacitive humidity and NTC temperature sensor, with nCap-E polyethylene protection cap with filter, adjustable. Temperature range: -20 °C..+80 °C, Measuring range relative humidity: 0...100%rH Ideal application range 20 %rH..80 %rH, without calibration certificate.
PRO_TRH_nSens-HT-EIS Digital nSens-HT humidity / temperature probe, pluggable, made of polycarbonate. With nCap-PS protection filter cap, measuring range T: -20 °C..+80 °C, rH: 0 %rH..100 %rH. Diameter 13mm x length 130mm.