Digital nSens-HT humidity / temperature probe with capacitive humidity and NTC temperature sensor, with nCap-E polyethylene protection cap with filter, adjustable. Temperature range: -20 °C..+80 °C, Measuring range relative humidity: 0...100%rH Ideal application range 20 %rH..80 %rH, without calibration certificate.
Item Number:



Product type:
Probe type:
Combi-probe T/RH, external
Measurement parameters:
Temperature / Humidity
Measurement range temperature:
-20 °C..+80 °C
Measurement range humiditiy:
20 %RH..80 %RH
Measurement accuracy temperature:
±0.3 °C [0 °C..+65.0 °C] / ±0.5 °C [-20.0 °C..+80.0 °C]
Measurement accuracy humidity:
±2.0 %RH [+20 %rF..+80 %RH / 15 °C..+30.0 °C] / ±3.0 %RH [+20 %RH..+80 %RH / 0.0 °C..+50.0 °C]
Cable lenght category:
Probe Measurement Range:
Down to -20°C


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BRA_Grid holder for probes Bracket to attach probes to a grid. Typical application in refrigerators, freezers and incubators. For grid spacing between 13 - 23 mm